Laureen Thomas, Incubator for Artists
Culture – the gallery owner of Haut de Cagnes collects her passion for artists. And has a way to enter into their universe to better help them be dicovered.
She opens wide the door to her home in the heart of the old town to welcome you. In the kitchen, which adjoins the living-room, works of art, by artists who have since become friends.
A haven not far from her gallery, at 12 rue du Dr Michel Provençal, we find Laureen, seated, with her daughter Penelope, six weeks old. She’s talkative and tracks her way, with quiet ease. interweaves all the paths of her existence. she talks about her father, travel agent, mother, fashion photographer. A life turned towards beauty and traveling which has shaped her personality. And not forgetting a family which has always been steeped in art : she goes on to recount that her father’s family had made a donation to the state, under Jules Ferry (now in the Orsay Museum) and they gifted them with a Sevres flatware set.
I enjoy sharing”
Born in Cannes, Laureen Thomas spent her youth in Montmartre, surrounded by famous neighbours : Jean Marais, Dalida, and Marcel Aymé. After studying photography, she remains in the arts : music, cinema…
I have always enjoyed being backstage, I like forging ties with the artists; I like sharing.
I like discovering their world, their passions, and to follow their evolution.
That is what makes me vibrate, she confesses. When she was 27, with her companion, she first settled in St Paul de Vence. And worked in art galleries, and there she was infected by the “bug”… She forges ties.
She organizes an “In my house” exhibition with a photographer, a painter, a jeweller, in an atmosphere of friends, which she appreciates particularly. And invades different places, such as an art deco show-room in Nice.
She has had stands in Art Fairs in Belgium, in Greece, in Spain… with this irrepressible will “to introduce our artists abroad”. In order to accomplish this, she had to find a spot open to the public.
And, by chance, she discovered it a stone’s throw away, Esty Grossman’s old workshop.
A boon : I wished to bring this place alive, especially considering the rich history of Haut de Cagnes, it’s like a mini Montmartre.
A mini Montmartre where, all summer long, she will be hosting three artists to whom she feels particularly close : Catherine Ferrari, Martin Caminiti and Gilles Michelis.

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